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Got a Ticket? Contact The Ticket Center.

The Ticket Center Law Office was created to help people with every day traffic tickets. Our goal is to protect your traffic record by way of efficient and inexpensive representation.

Often we can save you money on traffic fines, keep points off your license, and prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing.

HERE IS THE PROCESS of how your citation moves through the court system, and howThe Ticket Center can make it a more positive experience for you:

The Ticket
When a law enforcement officer writes a ticket, he or she will put a Court date at the top of your ticket. The ticket will also tell you where to appear (whether it is in Municipal or State Court). The Court Date will be in about 4 weeks. The ticket will also state the violation, location and date of the offense. If you pay the fine according to the terms written on your citation, you will have entered a "guilty" plea, which will most likely put points on your license and an entry on your driving record..

Your First Court Appearance
If you hire The Ticket Center, an attorney will review all police reports, appear for you, enter your plea as not guilty and then negotiate with the Prosecutor for a plea offer. You don't even have to appear in court. The Judge will then reset the case to a later date.

We keep up with the latest technology related to traffic law and can even retain a forensic specialist to review the evidence in your case. We also keep up-to-date on the latest law on these cases, which helps us achieve positive resolutions for our clients.

Deciding on Resolution
The next step is to decide if the prosecutor's plea offer is acceptable to you. (It usually is.) We will contact you to find out if you wish to accept the offer. If you do, in most cases, we could appear for you and accept the plea offer for you. You may never have to appear in court. If a plea agreement cannot be reached, you may choose to take the case to trial.

The End Result
In many cases, the prosecutor will offer to reduce your charges on certain conditions. There might be a period of unsupervised probation, and/or fines. Often times, the prosecutor will offer to suspend imposition of your sentence if you successfully complete the terms of your probation. This means the infraction should never appear on your record as a "conviction." This is important because it can save you points on your license and keep your insurance low.

Get Started Now, Online
We've actually streamlined this process to make it as simple as possible for you. If you are holding a ticket, contact us by phone, or you may even hire us online by clicking here.


This web site does not constitute legal advice. Because the law is complex, your legal questions cannot be adequately answered by referring to information on World Wide Web Sites such as ours. Various factors specific to your case determine how the law affects you. In addition, laws change continually and vary among jurisdictions. Therefore, the information contained in these pages may not be the law that applies to you. You should not consider The Ticket Center Law Office web site to be a substitute for consulting an attorney about your specific case. Communication by e-mail is not considered secure or confidential.

Fine Collection Center - (FCC)
If your ticket came with a return envelope to send in your fine, before you do anything, CLICK HERE.

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